Comparing Taxi Costs Per Kilometer Across Gatineau, Hull, and Plateau

Understanding taxi costs is crucial for residents and visitors in Quebec, Canada. Whether commuting for work, exploring the city, or needing a ride home, knowing taxi fares helps in budgeting effectively. This blog compares taxi costs per kilometer in Gatineau, Hull, and Plateau to assist you in making informed transportation decisions.

Taxi Services in Each Region

Taxi services in Gatineau, Hull, and Plateau are well-established and widely used.

Gatineau offers reliable service for both locals and tourists. Hull benefits from the same robust taxi network, being part of the larger Gatineau region. Plateau, a vibrant neighborhood within Gatineau, also has numerous taxis serving its residents.

Several taxi service providers operate across these regions, ensuring that passengers can find a taxi quickly. Service reliability is high, with taxis available at most times, though peak hours might see longer wait times.

Understanding Taxi Fare Structures

Taxi fares are calculated using a base fare, a per-kilometer rate, and additional charges. The base fare is the initial charge when you enter the taxi, covering the first portion of the ride. After that, the fare increases incrementally based on distance traveled.

Factors influencing the overall cost include:

– Time of day: Peak hours often have higher rates due to increased demand and traffic congestion.

– Traffic conditions: Traffic delays can increase the fare.

Distance: Longer journeys cost more.

As of September 12, 2022, the rates established by the Commission des transports Quebec are:

  • Base rate (5 a.m. – 10:59 p.m.): $4.10
  • Per kilometer: $2.05
  • Per hour of waiting: $46.20
  • Night rate (11 p.m. – 4:59 a.m.): $4.70
  • Per kilometer at night: $2.35
  • Per hour of waiting at night: $53.40

Cost Comparison for Each Region

Gatineau: The typical per-kilometer rate is around $2.30. For example, a trip from downtown Gatineau to Gatineau Park may cost around $25 to $30, depending on traffic and distance. Shorter trips within the city center generally cost $10 to $15.

Hull: The per-kilometer rates typically start from $2.00. A trip from Hull Marina to the Canadian Museum of History usually costs between $10 and $15. A longer trip, such as from Hull to Casino du Lac-Leamy, might be around $15 to $20.

Plateau: Per kilometer rates range from $2.25 to $2.75. A trip from Plateau to downtown Gatineau typically costs around $14 to $18. Shorter trips within Plateau range from $8 to $12.

Additional Charges and Considerations

Additional charges can affect the total cost of a taxi ride, including:

  • Peak-hour surcharges: Often add a few dollars during busy times.
  • Nighttime and holiday rates: Reflect increased demand and operating costs.
  • Extra fees: For services such as carrying luggage or extended waiting time.
  • Tipping: Customary to tip taxi drivers around 10-15% of the fare for good service.

Tips for Reducing Taxi Costs

To minimize taxi costs:

  • Travel during off-peak hours when rates are lower.
  • Plan routes to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Share rides with friends or colleagues to reduce individual costs.
  • Use taxi apps for discounts and promotions.

Comparing Taxis to Other Modes of Transport

Taxis are generally more expensive than public transportation but offer greater convenience and comfort. Public transit costs less per trip but might not be as direct or quick. However, taxis remain a preferred option for their reliability and availability at any time of day.


While there are some differences in per-kilometer rates in the region, the overall costs are relatively similar. Understanding these costs can help travelers and residents make cost-effective decisions.

We recommend using taxi apps like Aylmer Taxi for potential savings and considering public transportation for routine travel to keep expenses low. For quick and reliable transport, taxis are an excellent choice.

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